The research team at PCFA tracks progress of funded research via annual scientific progress and financial reports. PCFA has agreements and deadlines in place in regard to reporting this progress to all partners of the Research Program.

In preparation for submitting your reports, and in accordance with your funding agreement:

  1. Carefully read instructions on how to complete the interim or final scientific progress report form, as provided on the forms and in the reporting guidelines
  2. Submit your reports by the deadline
  3. Do your best to submit true and current data
  4. Do your best to submit acceptable lay summaries of your work (this is used to inform the very people who have donated funds for research of the impact of their donation)
  5. Please be sure to acknowledge the funder with the wording provided in the signed letter of acceptance of the award

Scientific Progress and Financial Reports must be submitted by the 31st of March of each year that a grant is active.

The Post-Completion Progress Report must be submitted 18 months after the completion of the grant by the 31st of July. Please note there is no requirement for a financial report after the completion of the grant.

PDF PCFA Reporting Guidelines

PDF PCFA Interim Scientific Progress Report Form

PDF PCFA Final Scientific Progress Report Form

PDF PCFA Post-Completion Progress Report Form